Sprints & Drinks

Regular events coordinated by Flip Finance

What are Sprints & Drinks?

The purpose of our ‘Sprints & Drinks’ events are two-fold:

  • First, we use this as a regular meet up where individuals bring specific social investment related projects, issues and challenges to be worked on by a wider group of people for a short time (the Sprint).
  • Second, we bring people together in a relaxed format to learn, exchange, socialise, moan, celebrate, whatever (the Drink). And by doing this on a regular, monthly, basis we hope these gatherings will foster more opportunities for people to support each other and work together.

All subject matter relates to practical, tangible demand side developments in the social investment world.


Read about our previous Sprints

So far, we have explored the following questions and areas:

  • How can we help social organisations to create their own investment offers and issue them directly to people?
  • Unconventional tales of raising social finance – three social entrepreneurs from the South-West share their stories
  • How can we build a truly ‘social’ investment fund from the bottom up?
  • How can social enterprises use ‘DIY’ social investment to raise the investment they need?

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