Future News Pilot Fund

Flip Finance struck a balance between working with Future News Pilot Fund grantees to build their own understanding, and ensuring accountability on impact reporting

The focus of Flip Finance’s work on the Future News Pilot Fund was to provide impact measurement expertise and support. This translated into two related tasks: Capacity building: working with each of the grantees to support them in measuring the impact of their work. Reporting: ensuring that impact data was collected from each grantee to […]

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DIY Social Investment

Enabling organisations to raise social investment on their own terms

‘DIY Social Investment’ is an initiative created by Flip Finance to enable social enterprises and charities to create their own social investment opportunities and to offer them directly to people. It is aimed at social organisations seeking repayable finance – particularly in the range of £5,000 to £150,000 – who are unable to raise investment […]

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Accessing Mainstream Finance

Investigating the scale of the UK bank investment and lending to social sector organisations

Accessing Mainstream Finance is an initiative created by Flip Finance that seeks to better understand the availability of mainstream finance for social organisations and catalyse further opportunities. It is aimed at social enterprises and charities seeking finance, banks who want to serve the social sector better. It is needed because mainstream finance has the systems […]

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Unchartered Finance

In search of the missing billion...

‘Social Investment’ continues to attract significant amounts of rhetoric, policy focus, financial support and media coverage. Yet social investment is often understood inconsistently, narrowly and inaccurately. In our work on Accessing Mainstream Finance, we explore how banks actually provide significant amounts of finance to social enterprises and charities. But finance doesn’t just come from specialist […]

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Foundational Thinking

Going back to basics with grant-making trusts and foundations

The Alternative Commission on Social Investment argued that finance for social sector organisations is not working as well as it could – that too little is getting to the places it is needed and that responses to social needs are struggling to thrive. Alongside repayable finance that attracts a good deal of the attention at the moment, […]

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CIVA Invests

A new fund and approach to small-scale social investment

Flip Finance helped the Centre for Innovation in Voluntary Action (CIVA) develop a fund structure that is set apart from much of the current social investment sector, where relationships are central to deals, where decision-making and term setting are agreed mutually, where CIVA isn’t just providing support from afar but where it is deeply embedded and along for […]

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