A Snapshot of the UK Social Investment Market: 2000 to 2021

Social investment has now been an active policy area in the UK for more than two decades. Has it turned out as hoped? Has social investment created the envisaged {...}

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Relief In Sight: Making Social Investment Tax Relief Work Better

Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) is a potentially useful tool that is not currently widely used. We believe there is significant untapped potential for SITR to offer additionality within {...}

Forest For The Trees

Forest For The Trees: UK banks’ investment in a social purpose

Flip Finance’s David Floyd and Dan Gregory were commissioned by RBS to write a report highlighting the significant level of existing investment in the social sector by mainstream banks and {...}


A Social Entrepreneur’s Guide to Social Investment Tax Relief

There can be a lot of information to consume to fully understand Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) but it doesn’t need to be too taxing! Matt Fountain, Freedom Bakery founder and Flip Finance team {...}

ACSI report

After The Gold Rush: The Alternative Commission on Social Investment

The Alternative Commission on Social Investment is an initiative set-up to investigate what’s wrong with the UK social investment market and to make practical suggestions for how the market {...}