A Snapshot of the UK Social Investment Market: 2000 to 2021

Social investment has now been an active policy area in the UK for more than two decades. Has it turned out as hoped? Has social investment created the envisaged {...}

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Relief In Sight: Making Social Investment Tax Relief Work Better

Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) is a potentially useful tool that is not currently widely used. We believe there is significant untapped potential for SITR to offer additionality within {...}

What's Next For OCS

A radical strategy of public investment into our social fabric

In September, Matt Robinson set out a great overview of an agenda for the Office of Civil Society (OCS) in its new home of the Department of Culture, Media {...}

What's Next For UnLtd

“If we were UnLtd, this would be our business plan”

If UnLtd is serious about supporting a whole marketplace of social entrepreneurship it will need to seriously wrestle with the challenge that there cannot only be one major player {...}

What's Next For UnLtd

All aboard the supertanker for the ride to the mainstream

Ah UnLtd. Do we love you or hate you? Are you the social investment Starship Enterprise or Death Star? Can we do anything to build on your successes and {...}

Rethinking Social Investment in Scotland

Senscot attended an event this week in Glasgow. The event, titled ‘Re-thinking Social Investment in Scotland’, was hosted by Matt Fountain (Freedom Bakery) and Flip Finance. 20 or so {...}

What's Next For OCS

The what nows, wherefores and what ifs

You can forgive civil servants in the Office for Civil Society (OCS) having a stronger than usual bout of back-to-school blues right now. After 10 years of residence within {...}

Need money for your social venture? Try the banks…

A new report for RBS written by social investment and social enterprise commentators Dan Gregory and David Floyd has found that social investment by mainstream banks could eclipse that {...}

New report should prompt major re-evaluation of social investment

Last week saw a report issued by Social Spider’s on social investment “The Forest for the Trees”. Do banks understand charities? One of the issues that the report highlights {...}

What's Next For UnLtd

Becoming genuinely UnLtd

UnLtd faces the difficult challenge of huge expectations that come with having a gigantic endowment and the ability to have a ‘forever’ business model. This comes with its own {...}

Forest For The Trees

Forest For The Trees: UK banks’ investment in a social purpose

Flip Finance’s David Floyd and Dan Gregory were commissioned by RBS to write a report highlighting the significant level of existing investment in the social sector by mainstream banks and {...}


A Social Entrepreneur’s Guide to Social Investment Tax Relief

There can be a lot of information to consume to fully understand Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) but it doesn’t need to be too taxing! Matt Fountain, Freedom Bakery founder and Flip Finance team {...}

What's Next For SIBs

Social Impact Bonds, designed by some of our leading thinkers

This week the Minister for the Third Sector announced his intention to make Social Impact Bonds the most talked about funding mechanism for government social projects. We are delighted {...}

What's Next For BSC

Is Big Society Capital really a wholesaler?

Since its launch in 2012, Big Society Capital has regularly been described as the ‘World’s First Social Investment Bank’. While it is not literally a bank, the ‘financial institution’ is {...}

What's Next For BSC

It’s the Social, stupid

It is exciting times for Big Society Capital and if I were the new Chief Exec, I would have difficulty in knowing where to focus as I try to {...}

What's Next For BSC

‘Social Investment’ or ‘Impact Investing’?

Social investment is often spoken about as if it is the same thing as impact investing. Organisations as influential as the OECD describe the terms as ‘interchangeable’[1], and the {...}

CIVA Invests

CIVA Invests – creating a new social investment fund

On 04 November 2015 Flip Finance ran a Sprint where 15 people came together to assist the Centre for Innovation in Voluntary Action (CIVA) develop its approach to social investment. Below is {...}

What's Next For BSC

A whole heap of nothing?

So, all change at the top for Big Society Capital. The big question is whether this change offers Big Society Capital the chance to revisit the central question at the {...}

What's Next For BSC

Choices and constraints for a change of tactics

Last Thursday, the news broke that Cliff Prior, currently Chief Executive at UnLtd is set for a transfer to the manager’s chair over at Big Society Capital (BSC). Many {...}

Stir to Action, Roll for the Soul, The Severn Project

Unconventional tales of raising social finance

In October 2015 we popped up at Transition Bristol‘s New Economy Summit, where we organised a ‘show and tell’ evening for local social entrepreneurs who had raised finance in less than {...}

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Flip’s first Sprint – the beginnings of ‘DIY Social Investment’

Sprints are regular meet ups where we apply a range of methodologies to a question or defined challenge, usually related to social investment, and where a collaborative and ‘investee-focussed’ {...}

ACSI report

After The Gold Rush: The Alternative Commission on Social Investment

The Alternative Commission on Social Investment is an initiative set-up to investigate what’s wrong with the UK social investment market and to make practical suggestions for how the market {...}